About Nursing Homes Ireland

Nursing Homes Ireland is the representative organisation for the private and voluntary nursing homes sector.  Indisputably, the nursing home sector and the invaluable care our members provide, is an integral part of the Irish health service. The immense contribution and the important services provided by the private and voluntary sector in the community at large, are plainly obvious and evidence by the following statistics emenating from our sector. Private and voluntary nursing homes:

Provide care for nearly 21,500 residents
Account for more than 75% of all long term care beds in the country, and,
Employ more than 22,000 staff
Nursing Homes Ireland was formed in January 2008. It is the single representative body for the private and voluntary nursing homes sector following the merger of The Federation of Irish Nursing Homes, The Irish Nursing Homes Organisation, Nursing Homes Association South East and Nursing Homes West.

Nursing Homes Ireland is committed to providing leadership, supporting members and promoting excellence.
This will be fullfilled by

  • Working in partnership with our members and other stakeholders to achieve best practice in the care of the older person in all nursing homes
  • Ensuring that providers have a voice in the strategic direction and development of future nursing homes services
  • Achieving adequate and fair funding for nursing homes to enable them to provide high quality care for all
  • Working in partnership to ensure that regulation is effective, proportionate and transparent